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Getting your video synced to your transcript can be a powerful way to organize, review and present videotaped testimony for trial or arbitration.

What is Synchronized-to-Transcript video?

With Sync-to-Transcript, a text version of the transcript is synced up line-by-line to the deposition video, locking the text and image together. When viewed on a computer, you can see both at same time – the video playing, the text scrolling. You can also jump to key moments of video testimony by clicking on that text in the transcript.

What do I receive?

We’ll deliver MPEG-1 video files of the testimony on disk. We’ll also deliver “sync” files that contain the transcript text and “tags” linking the transcript to the video.

What can I do with it?

  • With a synchronized video and transcript, you can isolate clips of important moments in the testimony, showing both the video and the transcript at the same time.
  • You can also play these clips off your laptop in trial, in arbitration, during mediation or for colleagues. You have total control over what you show or don’t show, and total flexibility to add or remove testimony as your strategy changes.
  • It’s also a convenient way to review only the video that you want, without having to fast-forward or skip around – just select any portion of transcript and the accompanying video will play in sync.

What’s required?

Sync-to-transcript video can be used with any trial presentation software, including LiveNote, Sanction, Trial Director and Summation. You can also benefit from all of the key features of synched video by using the free Synchronizer™ viewing software that we include with every synched video.

How to I find out more about Sync-to-Transcript?

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